Searching for: Home

My husband and I are looking to buy our first home in Louisville this summer, and the pressure is on to find the perfect (but affordable) house. For two weeks, I had scoured the recesses of the internet, searching for that elusive ideal home.

Louisville is a large city, and there are many different neighborhoods to choose from. It all felt a bit overwhelming, so we started asking around. Most of the people we asked recommended one of two neighborhoods- the Highlands and Old Louisville. So this weekend, we finally went searching in person!

The Highlands had been recommended to us by many different people, as an eclectic and exciting neighborhood perfect for the young professional couple. And it was! Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by art and interesting people.

Bryan Patrick Todd (graphic designer) and Kirby Stafford (sign painter)

Unfortunately, the house I’d found on craigslist in the Highlands turned out to be a bust. The realtor refused to show us the downstairs (!), and the upstairs had a dip in the floor and a microscopic, isolated kitchen. Despite that disappointment, I was so intrigued by the surrounding area that I will continue searching for my perfect home there.

Zach and I do not have children yet, but are planning for a family in a few short years. With it’s amazing bars, shops, and restaurants, the Highlands would be the perfect place to revel in our last moments of childlessness.

Zach and I, sans children.

I am also fascinated by the Old Louisville area, because of its Victorian architecture and the incongruous urban vibe. According to Wikipedia, Old Louisville actually had the highest concentration of houses with stained glass in windows in the United States.

Example of Old Louisville stained glass from

On the other hand, wiki also says, “The area is now one of the most ethnically and economically diverse in Louisville… Crime is becoming less of a problem.”“Less” of a problem? Hmmm. Yet, strolling down the wide sidewalks, shaded from the hot sun by one hundred year old trees and towering Victorians- I felt like I was home. The gargoyles winked at me from their perches, wishing me success on my search.

If any of my dear readers have lived in Louisville, your input would be very much appreciated! Where should I live? What shows, events, or festivals can’t be missed? Where should I eat, shop, or write? Thank you!


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